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The Bates Company has been founded in 2001 by M. François Di Venuto further to a long experience in the polishing watchmaking field. Indeed, the use of grip tapes Kapton is owed to him for protection during the polishing process.

The company quickly expanded around polishing and protection in watchmaking fields. Since its inception in 2001 the philosophy of the society has been to listen to clients’ issues in order to insert resolving products.

This is how in a few years the Bates company became a leading player in subcontract watchmaking. Throughout its existence a lot of innovations appeared in the fields of adhesive protection, polishing, vacuum extraction, polishing machines, lacquers and many others thanks to Bates Society investment.

In the present day and for many years, these innovations have become usual in all workshops and in all actors of the market’s catalogues.

Nowadays the Bates company delivers in more than 40 countries. Our clients are mainly in the watchmaking, subcontracting and after-sales service fields but also in the following domains: jewellery making, car industry, aviation, manufacture of metal items for industry, food processing industry, electronic industry, floor covering, industrial cleaning, etc.

The main products of the society are the following:

  • Protective lacquer
  • Polishing equipment
  • Grip tapes
  • Adhesive shapes / forms cutting
  • Manual or automatic polishing machines
  • Manual or automatic lapping machine and sandbelt machines
  • Industrial vacuum extractions and ventilations
  • Manual or automatic uiltrasonic cleaning machines